Life Stories


At this point we would like to give you a quick overview/impression of some of our patients. You will see below a few biographies of the people that currently live or that used to live in our Centre.


Emilio is 27 years old and stayed with us during his 5 month drug therapy.

He is a very intelligent young man who has previously studied Computing but has been persuaded by his fellow students to the use of drugs. Emilio’s addiction to marihuana and alcohol has forced him to quit his studies.

The time in the rehab centre has changed him positively and he was able to continue his studies.


Charles is 24 years old and has stayed with us for 6 months.

He is part of a big family with 13 brothers and sisters. His mother is a single mother since his father’s death. When Charles’ older brother died in a tragic car accident he has lost all sense of direction. He secluded himself more and more from his family and started using drugs. Charles became heavily drug addicted. He was brought to our Centre by his mother. It took a long time for him to open up and we have had many conversations with him.

Eventually he has accepted his situation and from this point onwards he has improved a lot. We are delighted about the success. Charles found a job in the farming industry and is very happy. We still counsel Charles every 4 weeks as the post-rehabilitation support is a very important part to the overall therapy.


James (22), who only used to drink on weekends, has become an alcoholic.

This active young man has jointed our program 2 months ago and is very open towards the counselling sessions. Surprisingly James has recognised his addiction very fast and is working hard to get rid of it. On top of his alcoholism James had smoked 30 cigarettes daily but he has quit them as well.

He still has 2 to 4 months rehabilitation ahead of him.


Salim is 25 years old and was brought up in a big city. Salims father had died early and his step father, a Moslem was always very strict towards him. Salim had drifted away and jointed a gang which main purpose was to obtain money for drugs. Nothing could stand in their way and they didn’t even hold back to steal from their own families. Salim has developed a strong physical addiction to heroin. It wasn’t the easiest start we had with him when he first joined us in our Centre. Salim stole pretty much everything he found and he also had a very bad influence on the other patients in our Centre. However, time and support can change people; Salim became more approachable and told us about his memories and his troubled past. He has recognised his mistakes and has improved positively.