Feuerherz Kenia e.V. is a support association which supports

the rehabilitation of drug-and alcohol-dependent

children, adolescents and adults in Kenya.


In common with many other African countries, Kenya is very poor. There are a few rich inhabitants in the bigger cities but this does not alter the fact that the majority of the Kenyan population are suffering from starvation, HIV, drought and cold temperatures.

We are familiar with people suffering from starvation and we also know that Kenya has a very dry climate. There are millions of HIV infected people, but they just need to be educated better about the risks of the disease. Cold temperatures in Africa do exist but are more likely at night time.

But how is all of this connected to drug addiction?


Those who were born and raised in wealthy countries cannot imagine what it is like to suffer from hunger and how cold African nights can be if your house is just made out of cardboard or a hut with a tin roof.

Yet, there are hundreds of thousands who are exposed to these conditions day in day out. All age groups are included.

The only way out for many is the use of drugs which will ultimately lead to addiction – a vicious circle.

Drugs numb the senses and therefore hunger and coldness are temporarily forgotten.

Those who don’t constantly want to be reminded of their poverty intoxicate themselves with the help of gasoline, glue, weed, home-distilled liquor and heroin. These drugs may provide a temporary release from misery and poverty but simultaneously they destroy the body at an accelerating speed and therefore eliminate the last spark of hope.


The Friends and members of Feuerherz Kenia e.V. won’t accept this situation.


We are eager to support the project Mount Kenya in Embu and to that end we appreciate any kind of help and commitment.